It’s a great achievement when you develop your own e-commerce store, and all websites are unique in their own way. You can call yourself as the e-commerce when you have the niche, manufacturer, suppliers and packaging experts and your e-commerce store is live. But sometimes when customers drop their order for future then you think of whether your store will have good future or customer will visit your store or not. It’s quite obvious that you have given lots of effort, but the task is not finished here. But the main point is to attract customers more and more. Some of the problems you can face after your first e-commerce store.

  • Competitors- Before building the e-commerce store first research about all the competitors, and if you haven’t done this then you never come to know about the same product or service that you are selling is also given by others. For this, you must have the strategy to differentiate yourself from others. The solution for this is researched well about your big competitors in your niche.
  • High-Resolution Videos And Photos-It’s not the time when you are posting just one photo with the price tag. Now customers want to see the product that they are going to purchase from different angles. You must know that photo sells but not the text. Make sure that you post multiple photos that can be zoomed easily and give a feel of the product. Photos should be of high resolution.
  • Mobile Friendly-Many of the sites are not adapted and unresponsive to the mobile version. In 2017 all the sites are required to have the mobile friendly version. One in three online purchases will be on smartphones. It will provide a user-friendly experience.
  • Shipping Problems- Sometimes when you have to deliver the product from the supplier’s house to the warehouse and the damage occurs to the product, then all the responsibility will be on you. So make sure that you are working with the best people. But be perfect into good packing being stolen from the mail box. Make sure that your shipping department is active and responsible that are aware of these small hurdles and make the process smoother.
  • No Budgets for Upgrades- After you have finished all for your new e-commerce store but at the same time, a new updates come for your website and you are prepared for that. You need some budget for the upgrade otherwise your site may go down. The solution for this problem is, plan and budget in advance, you might as well outsource the tech to the decent company which deals with the maintenance of the site. Start looking for the plugins if you are not able to find the feature in e-commerce solutions. Move your shop from the service provider if many features are missing.

To make your store more active everything from marketing plan to packaging and shipping must work together. Check out all the points and your business will earn a huge ROI.