While some of the tools we use have proved useful a handful completely revolutionized workflow, and React JS is one among them. But on the daily basis when the front end world is changing it’s very difficult to learn the new framework and especially when the framework could ultimately become a dead end. React JS is the JavaScript library that is open source and is maintained by the IT companies like Facebook and Instagram. Some developer community also maintains it. For web application, this framework is used extensively in developing the user interface.
Why React JS? Let’s discuss some of the reasons for it:

SEO friendly- The problem that the entire Javascript framework faces is they are not SEO friendly. Although there are many improvements are done in this area. React.js stands out in this area, and one can run react.js on the server and the virtual DOM will be returned and rendered to the browser as a regular web page. It’s as simple that no other tricks are needed.
Extremely efficient- Your component actually lives in DOM and react.js creates its own virtual DOM. This approach gives the flexibility and the amazing gain in the performance. This is because react.js calculates what changes need to be made in the DOM beforehand update the DOM tree accordingly. React.js updates in an efficient manner and avoids costly DOM operation.
Bonus: Mobile apps using react native- you can easily switch to building a mobile application using react native, once you get comfortable with the building web application with react. React native follows some design patterns making the transition easier.

Javascript Library- JSX syntax is the nice and healthy blend of javascript and HTML, which is specifically used in react.js. Writing components for the websites the whole process is simplified by JSX and HTML aspect allows your developers to render functions without concatenating strings.

It’s Easy and out of the Box- Don’t forget to install the chrome extension for react JS, when you start your project with react. It makes debugging your app much easier. Quite amazing thing is that after installing the extension you can have a direct look into the virtual DOM as if you were browsing regular DOM tree in the element’s panel.

Components are the Future of Web Development- The core concept of polymer boils down to creating self- contained, customizable elements that you can import and use in your project. React takes this concept to the next level. It doesn’t use the shadow DOM, instead, it allows you to create your own component that you can later reuse and combine that nest’s your content
For taking the business to the next level, framework plays a great role. These five steps will definitely benefit your business. These benefits of using React JS convince you about the uniqueness of the framework. For your next project, React JS will be your first choice if you are looking for the SEO friendly and have the capacity of handling moving traffic web application.