Cake PHP And CodeIgniter

Cake PHP and CodeIgniter are widely known and accepted framework. They both try to develop MVC architecture which simply means they split data model from the controller from the view.

CodeIgniter is the framework specially built for the PHP developers. To create fully featured web application the framework provides a simple toolkit. It is documented framework that helps in simplifying the process of development. It allows you to develop your own cleaner URL lines in the framework. It is built over the linear, easy to use folder structure. It is free and simple to configure as well as customize for your own need as it is an open source.

Advantages of CodeIgniter:

  • Provide a rich set of libraries for common tasks
  • It is speedy, reliable light weight and very expedient
  • For many relational database management system PHP can be used
  • Minimize the code needed for each task
  • Modular program can be easily utilized using CodeIgniter
  • An easy debug, PHP framework allows you to easily escape the error in the development. It further helps you to extend your PHP coding to achieve specific function through the framework.
  • It has outstanding performance and presentation.
  • CodeIgniter developers are easily available and the project can easily be outsourced
  • CodeIgniter PHP development is known for its compatibility with the majority of web servers multiple operating system and platform
  • The structure of libraries are simple to understand and use
  • Because of effort investment, it is famous among developers

Cake PHP is free and very useful development framework for PHP development being an open source middle-level framework. Originally inspired by Ruby on rail framework it is a structure of libraries, classes and run-time infrastructure for the developers working on web applications. Without any loss of flexibility, it primarily adapts you to working in a structured and rapid style.

Advantages of cake PHP

  • It is a secure framework and helps in authenticating users with ease
  • The framework is easy to manage and even a lesser experienced developer can work upon it with ease
  • There is no any default language in cake PHP frame so the developer can choose any language according to their comfort level
  • Compatibility with PHP5 and PHP4
  • The site location and configuration are all done by the framework automatically. One only has to connect the database
  • The framework provides a custom testing feature which makes the testing task quick and simple for developers
  • In cake PHP there is no need to create model, control and view manually since we can bake according to the database. So cake PHP has the baking option
  • Integrated CRUD for database interaction and simplified queries
  • One of the key advantages of the cake PHP that it provide ready to use a template, this makes the process of web development faster

For beginners, the CodeIgniter is the best framework to choose. Once the CodeIgniter framework is well understood then the developer can move to the middle level framework such as cake PHP.