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Book App



This is the spiritual and psychological based app which is generated keeping in mind the commitments/vows which can make every living soul a better person and out of any hocus-pocus thoughts. Book App is both Android and iOS based application which is progressing to be implemented in every smart phones including iPad and tablets. The basic concept of Book App is that the user will have to follow 6 commitments on daily basis(as per formed by the concerned manager) and track himself the vow progressed till the day, and update the status accordingly into the app.


  • A commitment pack can be public, which means everyone can see it and work with it. It will also come up in search results.
  • A private commitment pack, is not visible to everyone, and it will never come up in the search results. Private packs are invite only. The invite process will be described separately.
  • A user can see commitments only via packs. It means a pack must contain at least one commitment. Otherwise it should not be visible.
  • If the user choose to be reminded (from settings), a reminder will pop out when the time for a specific commitment has arrived.
  • A commitment/vow, can be an action, verbal or mental thought. In order to practice it, we will pause several times during the day, and fill a report regarding a commitment/vow we took.

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