FACE Recognition

The Latest iPhone announced by Apple ( iPhone X) has taken some bold moves by removing the HOME button and making the screen edge-to-edge.

Removal of HOME button raised concerns among critics. Specially about is security which was provided by its patented Touch-id scanner inbuilt within the home button. Apple, However has now decided to replace the iconic Touch-id scanners with FACE recognition. It claims to unlock the phone just by looking at it. Face recognition will also be used for Apple Pay Payments, App downloads etc.

Similar to taking the rounded finger impression at the time of setup (earlier) the new feature will take a scan of user’s face and work on similar algorithms with some minor changes. A Dot projector and an infrared camera are also new additions to the hardware which will ensure seamless face recognition.

The Projector will project more than 30,000 dots per face to make the recognition perfect. The True Depth camera will analyze more than 50,000 muscle movements to capture the face with precision.

The combination of new hardware with face recognition is supposed to bring down the error rate by a substantial amount as compared to the earlier Touch ID scanner. The 3D Facial Map created using this feature will have many future implications especially for banking related transactions. IOS11 is a completely rethought version of previous operating system with new gestures and capabilities.

What happens as we age ?

As we age there might be some changes in face, so how does the new phone keep track of it ? Super intelligent Machine Learning and artificial intelligence allows the algorithm to study the changes in face over time and automatically adjusts accordingly.