Hidden Cost Present While Developing Mobile App

It’s the time when everyone having mobile phones, the need for mobile app has also increased. But the question is have you already made the mobile app, and if your answer is yes then have you ever gone through the budget. But if you are in the mid of this process no escape button is there for you but you have to invest the plenty of money to the project. There are plenty of issues that can arise and you ignored the budget of developing a mobile app. We are now going to explore the risk points that are responsible for the extra charges.

App Design- The level of UI/UX that you would like to have must be first of all be decided before going deep into developing the mobile app. There are three types from which you have to choose, bare which is simple with the top priority of functionality, a stock that will make your app look like other apps in the store, and the last one is custom with a polished design with unique icons and buttons that looks expensive and posh. Develop an MVR first then go further, when you test the app because you don’t feel confident about it. It’s better to develop the prototype before going to start with the app. The prototype can eventually save you a lot of money.

Testing- If our goal is to release your app to the app store then there are several tests through which the app must go through. Nothing is simple than that. You need to install your app on the different devices and test it. But if you are having the native app then the tools should be native tools when you test the performance of your app. The right app development helps you to reveal all the bugs in the beta version.

App Store Fees- If you are ready with your mobile app, then the next step is not to ask Apple or Google to put it their app store and go on their way. But to be fit you have to pay the yearly fee, and the cost depends on what kind of app you have created.

Login Type- As user generated content is important the login is also being taken granted. There are three ways by which user can log in. First is through emails; if your app doesn’t relate to the social media then it works best. After registration, the user can invite new users through emails and get email configuration. Secondly is social; using twitter or Facebook accounts. The third one is multi- tenant accounts-the separate account with the administrators and users and it is good for the SaaS apps. The cost of implementation depends on the type of login.

Marketing The App- After developing the mobile app and to make your users know your app, don’t forget to advertise your app. If you don’t spend money and time on your app then nobody will find your app.

To make your app work best in the market do your best to take to account all hard cost and consider all the points discussed above.