The largest assets on the website are image that is downloaded by the visitors. If you want to speed up the word press to the maximum you must use the strategy that targets images specifically. You should be smart in uploading and using the images in the page. And the image optimization technique works when we need to use image sparingly and to keep the image size small. Here we are going to discuss some of the methods for image optimization.

  • Manual Image Optimization-If you want more control over the image, you should optimize the image manually. The majority of online images fall under two file types: JPEG and PEG. JPEG is the excellent application that optimizes the JPEGs. It is basically for the photographs and other images that display a huge variety of colours. The images can be compressed, sacrificing the quality for the reduction of the file size. On the other hand, PNG works for the screenshots, drawing, text, and graphics. Like JPEGs it also supports transparency. But here, lossless compression result in higher quality but also bigger files.

If you want not to deal with manual labour, so there are automatic solutions that you can use. Useful plugins for everyday use are WP and EWWW image optimiser.

  • Decent Hosting Provider-Your website performance will be poor if the server performance is poor. Always check out the server hardware specification, don’t use shared hosting package if you are having the popular e-commerce website. Search for the web and review of the company and all about their uptimes. For the slow word press, the poorly coded word press theme is the main culprit. It’s not enough of having the good looking word press theme. You can also make your own WordPress theme.
  • Secure Plugin And Themes- You must keep everything updated and secure. As the core, plugin and theme developers work constantly to make their code more efficient so staying update keep your word press fast. Be sure to check the various security plugins that are present in Compare the reviews and choose the one that suits you the best. Secure WordPress is not to speed up the WordPress but it can help you to maintain the speed.
  • Resize The Images- Resizing the image means that reduce the size physically as much as you can. To keep site light and nimble, reduce file size by reducing the size of the image. Loading image larger than 1000 pixels has no excuse. As we know the larger than necessary dimensions guarantee that image carries unnecessary bulk. Thus image optimization becomes quite tough. Cropping is the alternative to resizing. Rather than shrinking the image trimming around the edges, the part of the image that you want to show become more prominent. This is a great way of doing image optimization and speeds up your WordPress.

Following these methods can speed up the WordPress and serve information fast as we can’t stand for what that is not responding quickly.