Loan File System

LFS is used to track the loan file system



Dashboard: User can see the summarize data(pending, receive files) according to file stages.


Page-Shot-2017-3-17 Aufinance _ Dashboard



Upload: User can upload the loan files data using CSV file for all stages.


Aufinance HistoryRecords



Loan File Management: User can see the listing of all loan file data, user can easily edit them, delete them, use filter to get specific data and also generate reports.


Aufinance LoanFiles(1)



Loan File History: User can see all the history related to specific loan file.


Aufinance LoanFiles(3)



Add Loan File: User can add new loan file.


Aufinance LoanFiles(2)



Edit Loan File: User can edit existing loan file.


Aufinance LoanFiles(4)