Mobile App Development Trends to Witness In 2017

As we can see the booming rise in the smartphone number all over the world that leads to the increase in the mobile app that people use them on their smartphones. Today apps are not in use for the mobiles but they are also made for smart homes, cars, wearable etc. In 2017 there will be more increase in apps, the year present a huge opportunity for the entrepreneurs and consumers and space will be exciting indeed. But now it’s the time to look at the trends of mobile app development in 2017.

  • LBS to Continue Its Rise- Location based services will begin to evolve further and give the user real-time information, with the ease and availability of use of GPS on all mobile devices today. Some of the places where it is implemented and put to good use are indoor mapping, security features, navigation, travel and tourism and more. To flourish in 2017 hardware advancement in this particular area can enable developers and businesses to step up. Leading giant have recently made huge purchases in the LBS space.
  • The Cloud-driven Mobile App Is on Rise- Cloud technology impacting our collective lives, from customers and tech professionals. With mobile apps today cloud has computing has finally found its place. Now in the New Year we are expecting the powerful mobile app that can fetch data from the cloud and in the smartphone, internal memory can take minimum space. According to the research cloud apps drive 90% of the total mobile data traffic. With a compound, annual growth rate of 60% mobile cloud traffic will be 11-fold. This clearly indicates that cloud app will stay for the long in 2017.
  • Android Instant App- The android instant app is now recently announced by the Google which will deliver all that what it promise and enables the android app to run instantly. Such type of enabled app don’t need to be downloaded or installed but can be started by one tap. This will change the whole industry. It is best that now we don’t need data and no need of memory space in the phone besides this we don’t have to wait for downloading. These kinds of apps are perfect for the quick insight and experience. These apps are review versions that are without some advanced features.
  • Security In Apps- Mobile apps would not pass even basic security tests and the percentage is 75%. While in support HP study states that 94.7% app includes logging method and 70.6% apps can access to external storage. There is one of the negative mobile app trends that get continue in 2017. Hackers will tend of exploiting known security gap in the mobile app to stealing sensitivity and confidential information.

Design skills and understanding the customers is the main priority for the best mobile app developer and remaining in the hearts is the trend that makes the mark. When it comes to the mobile app technologies outdated tools and trends cannot possibility rely on the development stage?