Flexibility, accessibility, eases to communication, click-get, connectivity assurance and what not. There are many other features adjoining to these lauding the importance and success of smart phones and devices thereby spreading the aromas in its complaisance and round-the-clock accessibility and availability.

Mobile apps and mobile websites are the two hefty landmarks of mobile usage which hallmarks its woo resonating demand. Mobile apps and mobile websites can look very similar at first glance but number of differences can be mined out from it when giving a deep insight into its analysis.

Mobile application development formalize the action for developing applications that are mobile oriented thus defining the set of processes and activities as part of application software development for handheld devices such as PDAs, EDAs or mobile phones, for meeting the exact requirements of the user. It has not only the front-end and the back-end tasks to define but what more it takes into account are the length of screen sizes, hardware and software specifications, system configurations and most important of all, the choices for platform onto which it will be implemented.

Mobile websites spells out the action of browsing and searching the required content over search engines using either direct URLs or keywords and then enter a website. A mobile website can be successfully accessed to users via a browser across a range of devices being iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, etc. Usually one sided customer communication takes place in these kinds of sites where customers visits the specific sites, performs action and leave. Contrary to this very behavior, mobile apps are two sided and an on-going process where beyond just staying with customers, reaching to them directly with push notifications is made possible too.

It’s not a matter of deciding which one is better among the dos, but is a clever formula for identifying which proves better for the business kind it is indulged into and trends and outlook it is following.

Since mobile apps work with the device’s built-in features, they are easier to work with and also perform faster on the device. They get full support from the concerned app stores from where users can easily find and download apps of their choice.

No doubt, the compatibility feature, installation cost and quality assurance is more specific in mobile apps as compared to websites where there is no specific regulator to control their quality standards.

Next targeting onto consequences of mobile apps over web apps, it is really observable that while a mobile app works as an independent entity,  the user has to keep downloading updates. It requires the user to first download and install the app from app stores before the content or application can be viewed. A Web app, on the other hand simply updates itself without the need for user intervention.

Secondly, App monetization with native apps can be complex, since certain mobile developers and manufacturers may lay restrictions on consolidating services with certain mobile platforms or networks. At the counter pole, Web apps enable you to construct apps by way of advertisements, charging membership fees and so on.

Besides the fact that websites can be accessed onto 1G or 2G there is also one more fact that apps get more popularity and publicity on the shoulders of android and iPhone technology.

To summarize, without falling into the two traps, it can be concluded from the above understanding that the first is attracting new customers, and the second is getting them to come back for more. It all depends on the fact that if you want to succeed in business, you have to be where your customers are. And straightaway these days, they are on both the mobile site and on the home screen of their mobile device (mobile app).

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