This is the booming age of mobile application development market. Holding smartphones in hands, people can easily be seen around you. The mobile apps are in demand by smartphone lovers and are growing very rapidly. Business and companies are taking interest in mobile application development because of vast use of mobile devices. And why not these mobile apps are helping a lot to lift up the business whether it is small or of big scale. Application programmers are in demand because there is increasing demand for mobile application solutions. Now day’s mobile application developers are enough experienced to develop a wide range of apps.

Trends change, and to stay competitive business owners need to keep up with the latest trend. Now we are going to discuss all the trends, there are six trends that every business must know:

Smart objects that are mobile connected-

When we talk about future, then it will be somehow more interesting than present. Bulb, electric appliances and toys can be connected to the mobile devices. This will be a trend in future. In the home automation wireless or electronic control will work great.

Mobile Commerce-

Mobile applications make it easy for the business owners to connect with the customers; it doesn’t matter where he is. Brick and mortar stores are using these mobile apps to save their time and task. By this way their 60% of time is saved.

Wearable Devices-

With the invention of technology day after day, now technology has slowly moved towards the wearable devices. This opens the new opportunities for the business to lift-up towards success. This technology works best in health sector, like wearable watches and smart sensors are working well.

Effective Designs-

The future of mobile application development will be derived by the innovative user experience designs. That will be the key factor in this sector. For the notification and advertisement the app should be designed that is handled efficiently.


The performance of the app means a lot in future. This will shape the future of mobile apps. Mobile app should be kept up with the speed demand for all the devices. This will provide users with the great user experience in future.

Location and Motion Sensing-

Knowing the location of an individual, motion sensing used in anti- theft, sending notification on the latest and greatest deals are the important features that we need today and in future. For the new generation, it is highly personalized service that will definitely go to be more effective in future.

Trends are always changing, but in future, these trends will shape the future of mobile application development. These are the booming areas for creating applications today. For the above-mentioned trends, mobile application development companies are providing more creative apps. as we are using mobile apps in some of the trends today, but the good changes will change the future of mobile applications like speed, security and much more.