We at SolutionAvenues emphatically take into account the security issues for your data stored or submitted. Privacy threats to personal data, malicious attacks to confidential data, data alteration etc are the words taken care of with great sensitivity. We take the best care of the confidentiality and privacy of the info collected and preserve it to the fullest for seeking the customer’s as well as firm’s main objectives.

Proof to customer’s questions such as: how secure is our data? What measures do we take to secure personal and company data? Can we be secure online? –get hold of high priority for us and we follow standard top notch security practices to maintain your personal information.

Because we care, we’re security aware. We prevent security breaches by being more careful with your speech and by keeping your confidential data out of reach. SolutionAvenues guarantees that our activities and your personal information are kept within the confines of this Policy.

We use your data to:

  • Retrieve your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to establish prompt connection with you.
  • Receive your feedbacks, suggestions and requirements to revert back with solutions that suit you the best.
  • Call you and understand your requirements via the best means of communication i.e. Phone/E-mail/Live-Chat etc.

To know more about our privacy policies and the way we work; We are always reachable at info@solutionavenues.com