For any kind of business, the basic need is mobile application development. Nowadays everything is ruled by the mobile phones. This is the reason why the demand of mobile application has increased day by day. Whether it’s your communication with your customers or your product selling and promotion, all can be done easily by the mobile applications. A person loves everything to be served, and these mobile apps are all doing for them. Online shopping is the best example of it. Businesses are restoring towards the cross platform mobile application development so that the mobile apps become compatible across mobile platforms.

Pros of cross platform mobile application development:

  • The most advantage that we find in using this technique is that it is cost effective. As compare to build specific apps for the multiple platforms cross platform mobile application is cost effective.
  • Another point on which we only focus on this technique is a quick solution. It is much faster to develop rather than a native app for iOS, Android or other such operating systems. Effective and faster result can be seen by using cross platform mobile application development. This is because only one code is created for this platform mobile app, rather than creating the new code base for the different native apps.
  • Cross platform mobile apps provide you easy access to the plugin. You can have many tools in the market that offer easy access to plugins. For making the cross platform mobile app more beneficial these tools provide common links to similar APIs, camera or location sensors.

As there are two faces of the coin so there are some cons of cross platform mobile app that we discuss below:

  • Suitable for the respective operating systems particular native iPhone and/or Android apps come with specific screen layouts and functions. But in cross platform mobile app it will be a challenging task as it gives a smooth and optimal user experience.
  • It is very difficult to integrate the app with preferences, local settings, and notification. It becomes necessary to take the third party cloud services when different storage options are needed.
  • Unique functionality and flexibilities are offered by each and every native application. But when we talk about cross platform mobile app leveraging such features that are found in native apps are not possible.

Cross platform mobile application comes with both its pros and cons.

Now let’s talk about some tools of cross platform mobile app:

  • Xamarin- recently this tool is going strength-to- strength and is expanding its reach.
  • Phone gap- it is well-known brand and it is based on open source Apache Corova project and is free to use.
  • Appcelerator- it helps developers to write java -script with its alloy MVC framework.
  • iFactr- it is designed mainly for the enterprises that are looking for the quick build out apps for their mobile workers.
  • Kony- it helps business to create apps from the single codebase.

As the native application is good for the business cross platform also have its own advantages.