Reasons Why to Choose React.Js for Building User Interface

It might be a tough task using JavaScript for programming interactive user interface. Modifying document elements by hand is not good enough. Using tools like jquery when the users call some actions you must update them. And the tough job is reuse already written part of the UI and composing them with each other. But if you want to solve all the problems with the help of one tool that helps you deliver the front end much faster it will be amazing. The answer is react.js.  React.js allows you to create rendering images objects and graphics. React will automatically update and render the right component but what you have to do is design the declarative views for each state in your application. Some of the features that make react.js more effective for building user interface are discussed below.

Component Based- You have to know everything in terms of a component if you are using react.js. As in react.js, everything is composed of components. For UI building this also enables you to use external libraries. It reduces the need to write the boilerplate code and this will help you to maintain the large projects. In react.js every functionality is added as the component.

Lightweight virtual DOM- As react.js enhances the performance dramatically, by having a cool feature that it has its own virtual DOM. React does not update on the fly when the data is changed because the virtual DOM is the data and all the components are present in the virtual DOM. React act as the intermediate when the updated DOM is re-rendered. First, it determines the changes in the DOM before updating the DOM. This is very useful for building the user interface. By this user can easily decide which elements need changes and they can see the results.

One Way Data Flow– Components are unable to be changed in react.js, and the data within the components also have this property. The data that flows downstream in one direction is supported by react.js. But if you want your data to be changed in another direction then for this you need other features. Components remain synchronized and operate smoothly as react.js listen to the data that is flowing from the upstream, not the data coming from each other. This feature makes react.js more effective in building the user interface.

SEO Support-JavaScript is not user-friendly and the complaints come because of this. It does not allow the SEO techniques to employ in the web page, while on the other hand because react.js have virtual DOM the node is used for running it one the server.

Facebook Support and ReactNative- As react supports React native which provides the architecture to native iOS and android applications. This means mobile applications can be built by JavaScript through the same design as the react. React.js also receives support from the big organization like Facebook. You can add your contribution as it is an open source.

For your next project prefer react.js as the features that it supports will help you out in making the user interface.