It’s awesome that being a programmer, you know how to create your own software. In terms of your career, it opens the door, but it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Being a mobile app developer did you think that app developers are rock stars when you have a phone in your hand and app working on the phone is developed by you. You can share your creation with the audience. If you are busy in developing apps hope you must have these qualities in you.

  • You Are Proactively Lazy-We know it sounds contradictory, means going incredibly lengths without wasting few minutes. Having an example of a guy who introduced the world as a soylent, which means the brainchild of Rob Rhinehart who himself a software engineer. According to Rob food is hard and that it’s too time consuming and expensive to cook. His solution for this is to invent his own meal replacement that he claims contains all the vital nutrients and sustenance that the human body needs to survive. So in order to avoid few minutes a day, it would take him to cook. It’s same as writing the piece of software to organize a long list of names alphabetically. It takes a lot of time, but that’s more fun and potentially useful in future.
  • Emotional Attachment From Code And Design- A scientist should begin his each day by throwing out of his pet theories in order to remain sharp. Exquisite the Sudoku solvers every morning to remind yourself that it’s you who controls the idea, but not the idea that controls you. Rewrite the code you are most proud of. Use the design pattern that confuses you.
  • Eager To Fix That Isn’t Broken- Good programmers know that hard coded values buried in the code are bad. The First step to solving the program in code will bear the artifacts of discovery. The second step will be more stable. Sometimes it’s developers first crack that at the problem and looks like a lawn mowed by a dog. Replace the hard-coded HTML with a templating system, get the database CRUD out of your business object and rewrite it to use proper parameterized queries.
  • You Are Not Great With Your Hands-Same skills and sensibility you could be an engineer or inventor those things require hat you also be adept at drilling, hammering and sketching. Some of us are built for this kind of work, some are not. You can be very practical and still decide to become a programmer.
  • Think How Work Could Be Done Better-Sometimes you find yourself frustrated by the system product and processes. You might think that time I could have done better. Once you are a programmer the more frustrates you is bad design. Be fixed, it’s like watching a movie that you have already seen.
  • Like Working Alone- The benefit of an app developer is you create an app in your spare time and sell it for a few bob. But except this, there is an entirely different beast from working on software with a team of other coders. You control the outcome and how you go getting there and as much sense of reward once you have done it.

You can do work from anywhere if you are doing work of this kind having these signs. Nobody can stop you being a good a developer.