Tips and Trick to Get Your App Featured In the Apple App Store

The hard work pays off for the mobile app developers when the app get featured in the significant page of the app store. And if you think it is impossible then you are totally wrong, all that it needs is some hard work and sheer spirit. Your app can be featured in any place in the app store. But the most remarkable place in the app store is on the front page of the iTunes. Getting featured benefits you in many ways and you are going to see the high exposure. The app needs to stand out in order for the app to make it. Here we discuss the tips and tricks about how to show your app as featured.

  • How App Store Works- It’s important to know which app to be chosen to featured. They are actually hand-picked no algorithm is involved in it. Apple has 155 app stores where each having the local editorial team. For the specific user, the local app editorial determines the best and relevant apps. Apple ensures for the user the most appealing featured app.
  • The Native App Has Weight- Mostly mobile app developers have illusion when the debate between hybrid and native comes in action. Getting featured in the store hybrid app have the drawback as they lack in making the mark, and suffer from compromising the user experience. While the native app has the good customer experience and stays fit to be featured.
  • Built High-Quality App- Apple has created a large app store which sells the products for iPhone, iPad and apple watch users. Always make sure that your app is good and consider the mall analog. If you have some popular featured products then make them better. This can be done by eliminating the bugs as much as possible.
  • A Design like Apple- Apple wants to advertise only that fits into their aesthetics. They only favor apps that have to prioritize smart and clean design. Apple has distinguished itself because of these reasons. So if you next time think of featuring the app then make sure your app stand out with apple.
  • Networking Hold Strength- Here you target on the app store team, they are the one who is pitched by the developers. This is done by emails or off course by social media. To hold the app store market, you have to build the network with the app store team. That strengthens your root to act efficiently. See the glorious impact on the app growth and make friends with them; this is the fastest way to be featured.
  • High Customer Rating- The crucial task is setting a high threshold of customer rating for an app to get featured. Users are more gullible with the customer rating, the more the rating they see the more they will download the same and therefore more business your app will do.

Keep in mind all the tips and tricks to feature your app, and have a good business with them.