5 Php Framework You Should Learn To Become Expert

Around the world, the most popular programming language is PHP. Who made the server side programming language more stable and better is PHP7 that is newly released. PHP web development has been the base of major projects. Its framework meets the demand for a structured way of PHP development.

Why PHP framework?

Without knowing the pros and cons, developers are using frameworks widely. A few benefits includes:

  • The Framework enables PHP developers to scale the system easily.
  • The MCV model ensures raid development.
  • Speed up the process of development.
  • Helps to write a well organized and structured code.
  • The Framework is better in securing the web application from the common security threats.
  • Great community support
  • Form validation
  • Database abstraction
  • Email calendar and pagination

PHP high-end framework always helps to build a complex software application. But have you ever searched the best framework used in PHP web development:


Introduced in 2012 and very quickly became popular among developers. It is the fastest framework and became a master developer. To reach a high level of performance optimization, it is written in C and C++, that’s why Phalcon is cibsudered as fast as the falcon. Phalcon is packed with many features like:

  • Easy learning curve
  • Well documented and easy to use
  • In Phalcom PHP ORM is easy to use
  • Universal auto loader
  • Security translation
  • Neat and clean, intuitive API with solid code written on powerful design pattern

“PHP framework for web artisans”  Laravel offers an excellent community and win the most popular framework rank. A survey stated it as the most popular framework of 2015. Having huge ecosystem and perfect documentation and even more, Laracast and screencast tutorial covers all the missing docs and used cases. Features offered by Laravel:

  • Built in unit testing and readable, impressive syntax
  • Includes RESTful routing and light weight tempting engine
  • Inherent database version control
  • Required skills for LARAVEL PHP and OOP knowledge is latest version 4.1
  • Version 5.1 offers the long-term support for two years
  1. Symfony PHP

Having an extensive developer community and lots of passionate supporter symphony enables to create the scalable high-performance application. With the composer PHP dependency manager, you can install any of the components. Features of Symfony:

  • Stable enough for long term projects
  • It is a set of reusable PHP component
  • On most platforms, it is easy to use and configure
  • For vendor libraries it allows integration
  • Flexible 3 in 1 framework that is quickly adaptable to all the needs
  • Database engine-independent

In 2008 it was created by Qiang Xua. It’s the modern framework best for creating APIs and the web developing. Go for YII to boost the performance of the website. It is based on DRY coding principle, and completely object oriented. Features of YII

  • Zero configuration required to let the task easier
  • For clean separation of concerns, YII adopts the MVC architecture
  • Thorough maintenance
  • Integration enables front-end developers to embrace the framework quickly
  • Utilizes the components to enable rapid application development

A simple and elegant toolkit for creating feature loaded and visually impressive web application. The build in CRUD feature is very helpful for database interaction. It powers the website as BMW and Hyundai. Features of Cake PHP:

  • Proper class inheritance
  • Suited for commercial purpose
  • ORM features
  • Easily extended with components
  • Model support data handling
  • It has built-in security features

Above are the top five PHP frameworks that you must be updated for. Learning them will help you to boost your career.