As we are in the last quarter of the year, it’s time to think something new for the ecommerce in 2017. Year by year shows that there is growth in the E-commerce and according to the experts there will be growth in the coming year. It is important to follow the latest trends in the ecommerce that have fetched high returns and implement strategies to get a competitive edge. To achieve the business goal it is not enough for the E-commerce store have unique and nice items in their inventory. Shopping experience matters most to the customers that they buy. Customers are demanding and are now increasing savvy. The focus will be on customer experience.

Latest trends for E-commerce to look for

  • Mobile Engagement Continues To Reach New Heights- It is estimated about 50% increase will be seen in the mobile traffic growth. Most focus is on the mobile response E-commerce sites with some retailer adopting apps. Retailers are abandoned desktop site in favor of mobile, unlikely it seems for the next 3-5 years. Retailers will reach their customer base up to 50% if the retailer cannot reach its customers via tablets/mobiles. 2017 is the year to do if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile. This coming year you can start to have a mobile first approach.
  • Image Heavy Design-For the E-commerce site the overall trend is less text and more images. That gives customers less content to worry and more visual appeal to product and associated lifestyle. By better representing the product from the outset, the high-quality images help the retailers to drive down returns.
  • Flexibility In Payments- On mobile payment will be more focused. People will now use flexible payment options rather than the traditional method of using credit and debit card. It also proves to be cost effective.
  • Faster And Instant Delivery-Customers become impatient when they have to wait for their product they purchased online. In the coming year delivery will be the rule of the game. Same day and fast delivery guarantee that your target audience will return back to the ecommerce store. It gives the competitive edge to the store and boosts the customer count in terms of cross-border sale.
  • Improved Customer Service- Providing the best customer service is not new. Through enhanced multi channels live chat which is the key to converting engaged customers and user-friendly automated return processes, now ingrained into successful online retailer additional service is further improved.
  • Content Driven E-commerce- Content marketing is not going anywhere, as big search engine user expect the high quality of content online. The big part of marketing is focusing on the on the relevant content. To contextualize product within wider experience, retailers are starting to weave content with commerce. Great demand for the curated shopping experience is leading retailers to increase customer engagement and buy into their brands.

If you want to take your E-commerce to the next level, then go for these trends in 2017.