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Tyre Stock Exchange



This system focuses on the efficient process of buying-selling of different tyres/ batteries which make the hassle free mind of both sellers and buyers. It gives the sellers an overview of the important data to make the required decision to make the product's sales more effective. Also Super Admin will get an idea with one look of the most profitable sellers and products. At last we can say that all process from start till end can be handled at the tip of your finger i.e. Mobile App; anywhere and anytime.


  • This application allows buying-selling of different tyres/batteries.
  • Sellers can have overview of important data of products and records.
  • Buyers can sort products by different categories like brand, price etc.
  • There is a notification icon in the application by taping on it every one can see the latest discount and other updates of Tyre Stock Exchange.
  •  There is a list in Tyre Stock Exchange which tells about all the status of orders like the order is pending , delivered or shipped.

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